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At Tsauchab Guest Farm, we offer a wide range of activities to suit everyone. All of our activities are unguided and free of charge, giving you the freedom to explore the surrounding area and take part in activities that interest you. For those who would like some guidance, we offer a range of guided activities that can be booked on the day of arrival, depending on availability. So whether you're looking for some adventure or just a relaxed afternoon, we have something for everyone.

The Mountain Zebra Hike

This well-marked trail of 21km into the Tsaris Mountains offers you various landscapes, breathtaking scenery, natural springs, fauna and flora as well as rock formations, which will make your 5-8 hours hike worth the effort.

The Kudu hike

This 6km trail offers you brilliant views as you climb the Rooikop mountain from 1118m up to 1412m above sea-level. You need between one and a half up to two hours to enjoy this trail. The possibility to see kudu is very high.

The Quiver Tree Hike

This trail brings tribute to various aloe species in the area, specialy the Aloe dichotoma and other succelents like the Adenia penchuelli. Approximate duration on this trail is 1 and a half hours. The hike offers you beautiful scenery and photo opportunities.


The Wild Fig stroll

This 1.5-hour stroll offers you brilliant photo and bird-watching opportunities while you pass the old wild-fig trees and natural springs. This is the highest density of this specie (Ficus Sycomorus) trees which you will find in Namibia.


The Namib Desert View walk

The Namib Desert View is a 1.4 km one way trail with breathtaking views into the Namib Desert.

The Klipspringer 4 x 4 Trail

This trail accommodates both the novice and the experienced 4x4 enthusiast. Ratings from 0-5 make for an adventurous 4x4 experience. The 4x4 trail also overlaps with our 21km hiking trail and can make for a combination of both. Enjoy a relaxing drive up to Platkopvlakte where you’ll need to concentrate while you start climbing the Tsaris Mountains up to the Tsaris viewpoint. From the turn-off to Komkophoogte up to Bakleiklip and the descent to Dopsteekhoogte you will need extensive 4x4 experience and an experienced guide. From Dopsteekhoogte, you just need basic 4x4 experiences to complete the trail.

Sundowner Points

Tsauchab River offers three sundowner points, which can be done by own transport or as a guided trip.

* Tsaris View (all guests)

* Eagle View (all guests)

* Platkop View (all guests)

* Namib View (only Naukluft View campers)

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Namib Naukluft Quivertree Forest

A forest of Quiver trees densely populated on a hidden valley in the Namib desert. This paid activity is exclusive to Tsauchab River Camp. Permits can be obtained at reception.

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